John Iredale


This is where I feel most at peace and most healthy. As a fragment of the ever threatened and shrinking true wilderness areas in the UK, it also feels like a place where nature and the planet is healthy.

John Iredale graduated from the University of Southampton in 1985. He has since forged a career in academic medicine. A fellow of a number of academies and colleges including the Royal College of Physicians of both London and Edinburgh, he was previously Regius Professor of Medical Science and Director of the Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh. He became a member of the MRC in 2016, before being asked to take the role of interim Executive Chair in 2022. He is a non-executive director of the North Bristol NHS Trust, Professor of Medical Sciences at the University of Bristol, and a trustee of the British Heart Foundation. 

The trail to Fionn Loch, Wester Ross. Acrylic on board by John Iredale.

The trail to Fionn Loch, Wester Ross. Acrylic on board by John Iredale.

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