A Picture of Health

What does health look like to you? To celebrate the opening of the new LMS research building, A Picture of Health collects wide-ranging contemporary views on health and discovery. Convening the perspectives of over 100 researchers, artists, thinkers, icons and local figures, this project asks what health means to us all.

Browse the diverse submissions, and consider the question:
What is your picture of health?

Illustration of many faces formed of overlapping coloured lines.

Illustration by Jerry Yi Chang. Read more about his Picture of Health.

Illustration by Jerry Yi Chang. Read more about his Picture of Health.

Where to start

Lichen-covered garden bench on Dartmoor. Photograph: Lindsey Goff


Each picture tells a story. Susan Watts introduces the project and the collection.

Photograph of the event by Paul Clarke

Watch the events

Leading researchers and special guests explored the art, science, and culture of health. Watch all three events here.

Go deeper: Stories inspired by the collection

From molecules to communities

A visual journey through health at every scale, from the smallest elements of matter to our place in the global community.

Evolving visions of health

What past perceptions and predictions can tell us about healthy living today and tomorrow.

Poetry and Health

A lyrical exploration of the links between poetry, science, and health, from the healing power of words to poetry's creative interrogation of the world.

Health around the world

From our corner of London to bottom of the Papua New Guinea sea, how does a sense of place impact your sense of health?

Generational health

The science, society, and significance of the journey from fertility to old age, and all the life in between.

An active life

Living our best lives by harnessing the power of physical activity to promote and protect our health.

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The full collection

Browse the full list of contributors, A-Z

An active life

How physical activity brings health and happiness

Health at home

How our families, communities, and shared time enrich our lives

Rhythms of life

Visions of health told through poetry

The natural world

The great outdoors, our connection with nature, its role in health

Research for health

Imagery from the frontiers of science and health

Artistic visions

Artistic expressions of health and happiness

Mental health

Protecting and celebrating our mental wellbeing

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Photograph of the LMS campus at Hammersmith Hospital

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Thanks to the team that made this project a reality.